What Would You Do With a Quarter Million Dollars?

what would you do with a quarter million dollars?

What would you do with a quarter million dollars?

What would your life look like?

What would be different?

Where would you go?

What would you do?

Who would you be spend your time with?

THINK about this… it’s important. Because this blog post is about DREAM BUILDING!

It’s about giving your conscious and unconscious resources a target to focus on and to dream BIGGER.

The worst thing you can do is keep a dream alive that’s way too small…

Here’s What We Did with Our First Quarter Million Dollars

It’s official. We just crossed $250,000 in commission with our online business in just under 19 months since getting started!!! (Our results aren’t typical, click here to see average earnings)

Looking back it’s AMAZING to see what we’ve accomplished, and all the cool things the money has been able to do for us, and for others as well.

Because it’s not about the money… it’s about what you can DO with it!

Dream big my friends… and check out the 24 things we did in the last 19 months with $250,000 🙂

Get a Pure Bred French Bulldog!

baby zeus 3-11-14

Say hello to Zeus! Don’t get mad we didn’t rescue, Zeus needed a home too, and he was meant for us!

Vacation in Mexico

A full week of yoga, beach time, private chefs, and treetop bungalow… awesomeness! We remember this trip like it was yesterday (March 2013)

present moment retreat center troncones mexico treetop bungalow

Here’s the view of the pool from the treetop bungalow at Present Moment Retreat!

present moment retreat

And us being silly 😉

hilarious beach photo troncones

Vacation in Mexico… Twice!

Oops, we did it again! (Sorry Britney)

Never thought I’d see water so blue until we visited Tulum, Mexico in August, 2013.

avram and nikki tulum

Hire the Best Specialist in the World for Hernia Surgery

avram gonzales hernia surgery

That mesh sh*t is whack, yo. We found a dude that does it without the mesh, flew to Vegas to make it happen, and stayed for 5 days to recover. Can somebody say… BINGO!

New Bed and Bed Frame

We used to sleep on a full size bed that I’d had for almost a decade and used all the way through college… it HURT to sleep on!

essentia store mattressnikki essentia mattress

We decided to upgrade to something more our style… 100% natural memory foam (the first of it’s kind, by Essentia) and KING SIZE baby!

Nikki Got Her Dream Car

nikki in the lexus hybrid 450h 2014

She got the white Lexus 450h SUV (hybrid!) Click the photo above or click here for the full story and ‘car tour’

Go Mountaineering on a Weekday

bierstadt top of the world

Eat 100% Organic

Whole Foods used to mean “Whole Paycheck.” Not anymore. Eating cleaner is just… better. And we all deserve it!

Go to Disney World

nikki and avram epcot center

Lifelong dream of mine… check!

Speak Life into Thousands of People

nikki magdalena guided meditation on stage

In this reality, when you produce massive results, they wanna hear what you have to say. (Otherwise you’re often ignored) Here’s Nikki delivering an epic meditation from stage with over 1,600 people in the room.

Mastermind with the BEST of Your Industry

yanik silver mastermind

Invitation only events become possible when you’re crushing out big numbers in your business. We were invited to an intimate mastermind hosted by Yanik Silver featuring guest speakers like Ryan Deiss (Digital Marketer), Noah Kagan (App Sumo) and Robert Hirsch (Elevation Group).

Connect with Millionaires

Your income will become the average of the five people you spend the most time with. We’re blessed to travel in some pretty awesome circles now. Here’s a few gentleman that have contributed HUGELY in our development over the last year and a half:

lawrence tam avram gonzales and nikki magdalena triple punch

Our Favorite Foodie and Awesome FriendLawrence Tam

david sharpe backstage avram and nikki miami

5-Star General of an Army of BadassesDavid Sharpe

david wood

A Crazy Rich Dude with a Massive Vision and an Even Bigger HeartDavid Wood

Watch the live stream we did with David Wood, here. (it got pretty wild, you’ll see)

Go Tubing on a Monday

avram gonzales tubing at frasier tubing hill

Because it’s awesome.

Donate Awesome Stuff

donate cool stuff

Feels good to let go of that which no longer serves you, but may be a blessing to others.

Tip Waiters What they Deserve


Daily Walks in Nature

coot lake boulder colorado

One of our favorite places to chill, Coot Lake just outside of Boulder, Colorado.

Fly First Class

avram gonzales and nikki magdalena flying first class delta airlines

Is it worth it? God yes! Click here to watch a video I made about WHY it’s worth it!

Taking Two Weeks Off When You Get Really Sick

Nikki went down for the count immediately following a big event last July. It was the same week we had to pack up and move. Great timing right? No big deal 🙂

That week we had our BIGGEST week ever in our online business!

nikki sick in bed with boo

Travel to Transformational Events All Around the Country

We always dreamed of being able to go to whatever events we wanted and not have to worry about how the money would show up.

empower network event locations

We went to events in:

  • January 2013 – Austin, TX
  • April 2013 – Chicago, IL
  • July 2013 – Denver, CO
  • October 2013 – Anaheim, CA
  • October 2013 – Orlando, FL
  • November 2013 – Austin, TX (Again!)
  • January 2014 – Miami, FL
  • April 2014 – Seattle, WA
  • May 2014 – New Orleans, LA

Take Your Girlfriend on Expensive Dates

nikki magdalena at the melting pot littleton colorado

Nothing sucks more than having to choose where you want to eat based on what in your bank account (or not in it, right?)

See, look how happy she is 😉

Doggy Playdates on ‘Humpday’

When you have more money, you can create more time for the things that count.

Move Out of Your Cruddy House

We started in this dinky 2-bedroom 850 square foot home with black mold and broken windows, everywhere.

depew house

And we moved into this on May 2nd, 2013!


But wait, there’s more!

We Moved AGAIN

We found the ultimate place to settle down just outside of Boulder, Colorado in September, 2013.


Click the photo above or click here to take the ‘new house’ tour from the day we moved in! (We’ll also teach you how we made the jump so quickly!)

Spend LOTS of Time with Incredible Friends

Sure, you don’t need money to spend time with friends… but having the time freedom sure helps when you stay up till 3am playing Pictionary on a Monday night!

paulo barroso jordan shultz angela moore michael blongiewicz brittney pappano chad ockstadt avram gonzales nikki magdalena jedidiah drathos tabby fessenden

Dinner party at Angela Moore’s house with Jordan Shultz, Paulo Barroso, Brittney Pappano, Chad Ockstadt, Jedidiah Drathos, Tabby Fessenden and Michael Blongiewicz!

What Would YOU Do with $250,000?

Comment below!

And if you’re interested in what made this possible for us in such a short time, just click here to find out!

Avram Gonzales

Avram Gonzales

Boss Man at InspirAction Inc.
I like pizza. I like burritos. Everything else is just details.

Social media marketing pro gone conscious revolutionary blogger.

Avram Gonzales
About The Author

Avram Gonzales

I like pizza. I like burritos. Everything else is just details. Social media marketing pro gone conscious revolutionary blogger.


This is so awesome!  It is an amazing life you've created and one I'm on my way to create as well!

Sunnie Skillman
Sunnie Skillman

Thank you. Avram and Nikki for being such an inspiration and support for your team!

Lawrence Tam
Lawrence Tam

it's been a pleasure to travel with you guys. don't forget.. you also came to houston for a little bit too ;)

Nikki Magdalena
Nikki Magdalena

OOpps that's right Lawrence!! Cause it's not just what you make, it's what you keep! ;-) Yea, loved that Chinese place you took us too- so many buns! :-D

Erica Ceo Mcknight
Erica Ceo Mcknight

this is awesome, im in empower network also love it, and working my ass off to get the same results! thanks for the inspiration ~Erica

Nikki Magdalena
Nikki Magdalena

Awesome Erica, please keep going- fighting when you need to, yet playing with it as much as possible- business should be a joy! xoxo!

Sandy Lêveque
Sandy Lêveque

This is SO SO SO magnifique! And something many people won't see is that behind the scenes (which I see from working alongside you) you have accomplished this with a generosity of spirit and kindness that is truly enjoyable. I remember a time when I would have looked at results like this with a certain tinge of anger, because I was stuck in the money 'matrix' of believing there fundamentally isn't enough to go round. As if some people having 'above average' wealth...must mean that others go without. So grateful to be part of this team which has helped me unravel this piece by piece and for your living example that the 'money matrix' is nothing more than an illusion many people believe in! And we can go BEYOND it!

Nikki Magdalena
Nikki Magdalena

As always Sandy, thank you for your amazing input- you always deliver such a spectrum of awareness and discoveries in your posts!! Thank you!