On ____, Two Women came together with a VISION to Give Women everywhere the best and most powerful tools, secrets,

and potent questions that would EMPOWER them to FLOURISH in Business and Every Area of their lives.

One, an internet entrepreneur, “consciousness facilitator,” healer and mystic who used to chase clients, now enjoying a Six Figure Income- the other , a single mom of two who used her divorce to FUEL and Catapult her into a Lifestyle that affords a nanny, assistant, and a traveling for romantic rendezvous’ with her man.

What was birthed from this vision, is an Intimate Recorded Video Interview with Nikki Magdalena and Heather Nichols.

Have you ever found yourself not


Are you ready to:

• Claim a new paradigm of commerce that allows you to prosper by unveiling YOUR feminine beauty, brilliance, and total expression  through your business?


•  Have a fire lit inside of you that will inspire you to start choosing a new way of being in your life & business–that will create the joy, ease, and results you are looking for?


•  become the leader of your life, and kiss the victim goodbye, for good?


•  create a life beyond what you have imagined is possible–that places YOU and your genius at the helm?


•  step out of your comfort zone and into a much bigger playing field in your life & business?

In this life-changing, world-rocking Exclusive Interview, You will Receive:

At least 30 ways on how to prosper and get PAID Being Your Feminine Beauty!

What most women don’t know or completely MISS when it comes to being an Entrepreneur that keeps men “on top” of our industry.

(Isn’t time for that to change?)

How a 10 minute conversation with a homeless man catapulted Nikki Magdalena to a six figure income.

How to become a millionaire or “internet mogul” in a way that honors your feminine side.

A new definition/paradigm of marketing that has you sharing your unique Gift and has you stand out above all the noise!

How to stop giving up yourself in this world, or in favor of a “man’s way” of doing business.

How your relationships with men deeply impact your business and money flows; and how to Influence Men to work with you, rather than resisting or “being threatened” by your power.

5  New and Powerful Ways to eliminate any competition for good.

Practical and Beyond-the-Box tools to make your business soar…

Unforgettable questions, tools, and “conscious storytelling” that will catapult you to a different stratosphere !




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