Live events are where the magic happens!

Every 3 months Team Have it ALL! comes together for Empower Network events to mastermind, get INSPIRED and soak up that special sumthin’ that you just have to be there LIVE to experience…

This video gives a glimpse from the January 2014 Miami ‘FREEDOM’ Event:

(look out for Team Have it ALL! member Lyria Moore at 4mins 17!)

These live events are an important part of an online business like Empower Network.

They give you the chance to:

  • Network, socialize and build friendships that provide vital inspiration once you’re home again.
  • See first hand that success is possible! It’s impossible not to when you see just how many leaders and success stories there are at the events – from all walks of life.
  • The knock on effect –> Many leaders say their income doubles or more between each event.
  • Spend time in person with team co-founders Avram Gonzales and Nikki Magdalena and other leaders on the team.
  • You can also use that time to make attractive videos and photos for your marketing materials.
  • Learn strategies and essential tools to help you rock your business – and the world! – long after the event is finished.
  • Attend exclusive Team Have it ALL! events such as Training Masterminds – renowned for creating breakthrough after breakthrough. 


Here are some pictures & videos of Team Have it ALL! at recent events:

Miami, Florida - January 2014 






Team events included:

  • Team Dinner at the plush Toro Toro Restaurant in Downtown Miami. Olé! 
  • Exclusive All In Mastermind at boutique hotel  The Standard on Venetian Island, by the water and in the sunshine!


Regional Events, October 2013 


Team Co-Founders Avram and Nikki were invited to speak on stage - here is a short clip:


Denver, Colorado - July 2013 



Team events included:

  • Welcome Drinks Meetup with amazing Margaritas 🙂 
  • 15K 'Breakthrough' Training Mastermind in Central Denver 
  • VIP Mastermind: Attendees were picked up in Hummer Limo and Enjoyed a Privately Chef'd meal! 


Chicago, Illinois - April 2013


 Team Events Included:

  • Team meal at a famous Chicago Pizza heaven!
  • Group meeting with Avram Gonzales and Nikki Magdalena

 thia beach

(photo taken in Anaheim, California!)


The Empower live events have been likened to '3 Day TED Talks' and combined with our *exclusive* THIA events prepare yourself for transformation, connection, strategy sharing and expanding your money reality! 

dreamers surround

How Can I Attend an Event? 

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