How to Stop Smoking and Kick ANY Bad Habit INSTANTLY with 3 Simple Steps

how to stop smoking

If you knew how to stop smoking overnight would you do it?  I smoked for ten years and tried several times to kick the habit, with no success.

Until one day….I didn’t just kick it, I ELIMINATED it out of my life entirely and changed a huge part of my world in a single evening.

That was in 2007 and I haven’t smoked since. Not even a ‘social puff’ or sneaky smoke when no-one’s looking 😉

Nada. Rien. Basta!

Here’s the story of how I did that and how to stop smoking or ANY bad habit in an instant.

How the Habit Started

I first began smoking at school but it didn’t become a habit right away.

Some of the ‘cool girls’ in my class smoked and in an effort to be cool (thereby already miserably failing!) I tried cigarettes too and had a nasty surprise.

They were disgusting.

“Why would anyone do this for fun?” I thought.

But…in the same way that ‘disgusting’ coffee became something I eventually enjoyed…cigarettes did too.

The habit actually started when I was 17 and began working in a French restaurant.

Everyone there smoked and it was just what people did on their breaks.

I initially watched.

But three months in I asked a friend to ‘borrow’ a cigarette and before long was buying my own to smoke during breaks and at the end of a long shift.

I liked to think it gave me this aura:

quit smoking


But the reality was probably more like this 😉

quit smoking

This continued for years.

At a particularly low point I would stop on motorways and smoke by the side of the road 🙁

I had 6 part-time jobs at the time (I was saving up for a Masters and working 7 days a week!!) and smoking before work was one of the few things I had to look forward to.

The First Few Failed Attempts

Twice I tried to stop and made a big mountain of it in my head.

THIS is how to stop smoking I’d think…


I’d plan the date,


…start winding down how many cigarettes I smoked


….cut down drastically on the day I was ‘giving up’…

but ultimately….I couldn’t keep it up.

Or rather…I didn’t really want to.

You see I was going through the motions.

‘Thinking’ I should stop…

…without really making the CHOICE to stop.

Know what I mean?

It’s like when you make plans with a friend.

Sometimes you make plans and you’re really excited to see them. 

You feel a bit like this:

how to stop smoking


And other times or other friends…you make plans to meet but it’s not the same.

You’re not as fussed or excited.

You’re not even sure you’ll actually go.

And you don’t REALLY do anything towards it. Like work out how to get there or organise your schedule around it.

Ever noticed those are the dates you tend to miss or postpone?

It was the same for me with smoking.

I was ‘thinking’ I should stop but deep down … I didn’t really want to.

Truth be told I wasn’t sure what would give me the same escape that smoking did.

Escape from social situations I didn’t enjoy…

….or from the reality of what I was doing that day…

…..or from the continual cycle of inner critiquing I was doing at the time.

Smoking a cigarette felt like taking a mini time out and I wasn’t ready (yet) to give it up.

Understanding Bad Habits

Now here’s the funny thing.

Today I would have much better ways of stopping. I’d understand more about the habit – what triggered it, how I could replace it (instead of just trying to stop cold turkey).

Instead…I took the alternative route of letting the pain build up until I HAD to change my ways.

For the record, I recommend the first way to you 😉

But here’s the second one just in case!

What happened with me is that my body began telling me (loudly) it DID NOT like cigarettes.

I noticed that everytime I had one…I’d feel slightly sick afterwards (that wasn’t the case in the first few years).

Eventually just LOOKING at a cigarette made me feel sick…

…even though I’d still go ahead and light one up minutes later.

I began meeting more and more people who’d merrily tell me about their smoking-related illnesses.

Bronchitis, colds, lung cancer (including one former boss – of another French restaurant ironically – who died in his early 50s from the disease).

I noticed I had this sexy cough which sounded like a cat trying to birth an army of fur balls through it’s throat.

how to stop smoking


And even though it was 7 years ago (2007) I remember what happened next as clear as day.

An Eventful Evening

By this time I was studying a Masters degree in Development (basically the study of poverty).

Many of my classmates smoked and we went out after lectures every week to (mostly) cool and funky places across London 🙂

how to quit smoking

One night we were in East London, in a trendy pub.

Everyone was drinking and getting merry.

And as luck (or the Universe) would have it…. several friends noticed I wasn’t smoking much (the nausea was really kicking in) and they repeatedly offered me cigarettes.

I remember the last one I smoked.

A friend and I went outside and as I lit up, I realised …

“I don’t even WANT to smoke this.


I’m just smoking it because that’s ‘what I do’ when I go out.


But my body feels SICK because of these things”

And something inside shifted. My ENERGY shifted.

All I could think when I looked at that cigarette was ‘cancer stick‘.

In a split second I flicked it to the floor and crushed it under my feet.

(That’s standard smoker behaviour in East London pubs!)

  • And I decided from that very moment I was now a NON SMOKER.

I didn’t plan to do it the next day…

…or think about HOW to stop smoking.

I just decided there and then that I was ‘done’ as I’d say if I had an American passport 😉

And done I was.

I haven’t smoked a single cigarette since then.

Haven’t EVEN been tempted to.

And to make the video you saw at the start I even bought my first pack of cigarettes in 7 years.

how to stop smoking

A tiny part of me wondered if I would break my run, through some momentary loss of control.

But I haven’t.

I don’t even have a slight desire to smoke them.

In fact I keep that packet as a reminder of how POWERFUL I really am.

Because to stop smoking overnight after ten years of giving into that addiction…takes STRENGTH.

Change Happens in an INSTANT

The weird thing is that when you shift like that, in a split second, it’s actually ALOT easier to stick to it.

I didn’t have to talk myself out of cigarettes…


analyse how to stop smoking,


or find ways to replace the triggers…


I just became a NON SMOKER.

And that’s what anyone seeking a change can do too.

Make a decision or choice to BE SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

Ironically I almost forgot about this until I heard one of my mentors talk about it on an ‘Empower Hour’ personal development call.

They talked about how change happens in an instant and used smoking as an example.

I realised…’wow I did exactly what he’s talking about!’

And I wondered…what else can I apply this to?

It turns out…you can apply it to ANY bad habit.

Here’s a quick guide:

How to Stop Smoking in 3 Simple Steps 

Follow these steps and you WILL kick your habit or ANY other bad habit for that matter.  


Get clear on what habit you’d like to kick. It doesn’t have to be smoking -it can be anything you’d like to stop doing. Anything you feel addicted to. 


Keep a journal of that habit and notice when you’re prompted to ‘do it’. This will help you notice what triggers it.


Once you know what triggers it you can find a replacement behaviour – something to do INSTEAD of the habit.

It may take a few days or even weeks to really build this – but countless studies have shown it’s a tried and tested way to create new behavioural patterns. 

My good friend Avram Gonzales wrote this blog post about how blogging helped him overcome his 6 year drug addiction. It’s an EXCELLENT example of replacing a behaviour with something new. 

5 ways blogging saved my life

The alternative is to:

a) Let things get so bad (like I did) that you put your foot down and refuse to continue in the same way.

OR put yourself in a situation where you HAVE to stop – for example because you’ve started a new relationship you value MORE than the habit and the other person is a non-smoker or whatever your habit is.

b) Really look at where you are (often we put our head in the sand) and make that same DEMAND before things get really, really bad. Demand to BECOME something different, NOW.

Addiction to Poverty

Another habit I had to kick was an addiction to poverty.

For many, many years my basic point of view about the world was that it’s a ‘mean place’.

I studied problems such as inequality and poverty, and did activism/campaigning in my spare time. Eventually I became a lobbyist at the British Parliament. This is an event I attended where Nelson Mandela spoke to thousands of people.


I blamed money for many of the world’s problems.

And guess what…. I didn’t have any!

I didn’t care at the time…But after serious illness forced me to re-evaluate my life, I realised that instead of fighting the system …I could create BEYOND IT.

And create my OWN ECONOMY.

I saw first-hand how close friends who also had a history of ‘hating the system’ had not been stopped by ‘it’ once they decided to go beyond it.

In fact one of them – Nikki Magdalena – is now a 6 figure earner and I’m lucky enough to work closely with her at Team Have it ALL. She talks (briefly) about her experiences in this video:


The power of being connected to people creating beyond the system or ‘Matrix’ is quite unlike anything else I’ve encountered.

Because when you SEE something with your own eyes, your perception expands massively!

Being part of the team has helped me kick my addiction to poverty and really shown me you can change the world AND have money. You can Have it ALL 🙂

In fact I’m writing this from one of the most expensive areas in the World – the French Riviera and Villefranche sur Mer / St Jean Cap Ferrat area. This is me learning to fly there 😉


Photo on 5-10-14 at 7.24 PM #5


So if poverty is an addiction YOU know you could do with kicking…

Click on the photo below for information about our team and what we do.

You’ll also enjoy this blog post: “What Would A Rich Person Choose? Keys to Unlocking Infinite Abundance “

what would a rich person choose


Over to You

Now you know how to stop smoking and kick ANY bad habit instantly…what’s a habit you’d like to kick?

Declare it to the Universe and Comment Below!

You’ve Got This!



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Trond Arne Njaa
Trond Arne Njaa

Wow Sandy, that was an amazing blog post! I actually went through the same thing some 4-5 years back. I read a book called The easy way to stop smoking and it was talking about the same stuff. It even suggested to smoke two cigarettes every time you wanted a smoke, and that did not taste good! And if you didn't feel sick by then you should take three. I quit in an instant by telling myself that this tastes like shit, makes me feel like shit, why do I do it? And just like that, I was a non-smoker... for about 3 years, and I fell into the smoking habit trap again... But reading this blogpost made me remember just how easy it was to stop smoking. Now I'm gonna kick both the poverty and smoking addiction! Thank you so much!

Sandy Lêveque
Sandy Lêveque

Thank you Trond! And I LOVE your story of how you quit smoking. Can definitely see how smoking two at a time would pattern interrupt the habit. If you've done it once...You can EASILY do it again. I'd also suggest asking your body to help you...chances are it wants you to quit and will amp up the nausea, bad taste stuff etc

Mike Gould
Mike Gould

I'm 39, I understand when I was younger why people smoked, all the stars did it, the adverts were everywhere, and it was highly advertised in sports. But why do kids of today smoke, we knew it was bad for us then, todays kids have no excuse, today you are a out cast if you smoke. From what I hear giving up is hard, so good on you for staying away for years.

Sandy Lêveque
Sandy Lêveque

ah thanks Mike. And yes I hear you...there's been SUCH a culture shift in the past few years. You almost never see it in movies, magazines or ads and I remember SO many ads as a child that had this 'cool' mystique to them. So glad that insanity has been stopped. And yes I'm quite proud of it when I think about it. Thank you! I know that anybody seeking to kick some kind of habit can do it too :-)

Alyah Fox
Alyah Fox

Thanks, Sandy. I shared it with 3 people who either having a smoking addiction, poverty addiction, or both! I have had a poverty addiction, for sure! I'm kicking that today... thanks! <3 <3 <3

Sandy Lêveque
Sandy Lêveque

Yaay for you choosing to kick that habit too Alyah, it's a pretty common one on this Planet! I've really found that when we choose to kick it, the Universe conspires with us to bring things and people to help make it happen. I know you can do it!