How We Escaped a Living Nightmare and Stepped Into Our Dream Home in Less Than a Year


Exactly one year ago, my partner Nikki and I were living in a two bedroom mold-infested 850 square foot hell-hole in Denver, Colorado.

Many of the windows were broken and some were even boarded up. Whenever we wanted to do laundry we had to manually fill the machine with a hose. And to top things off we discovered that our landlord had been snooping through Nikki’s underwear drawer while we were out of town. Ew.

Sometimes you have to be pushed to a breaking point before you choose to change things.

In this blog post I’m going to show you the five simple steps we used to escape our living nightmare, and step into our 5 bedroom 3,000 square foot dream home in Boulder, Colorado… in less than a year.

A Quick Side Note

All of what I’m about to share with you happened within the span of about two months. Specifically, getting OUT of the house that we were in one year ago, and into a much healthier situation. We moved out on May 2nd of 2013.

The story in the video below (and this blog post) describes the process of that transition. 4 months after this video was taken we moved into the home we currently live in (and is pictured in the ‘after’ photo) That’s the timeline.

We’re so grateful for that first home. Ultimately, we knew we weren’t meant to stay there forever, but we also couldn’t seem to find a way out. We rode quite the radical financial roller coaster from month to month but never found enough momentum to leave.

That is until…

#1 We Took Responsibility for Your Choices

Everything you see around you is the compounded result of each and every one of your choices made over time.

I would also say that it’s a reflection of your best thinking from 5 years ago.

When we looked around at our circumstances we had to get vulnerable with ourselves and acknowledge the fact that we were the ones that put ourselves in this position.

Nobody was pointing a gun to our head saying we had to stay there. All the choices we’d made led us down to the path of where we were.

Now, instead of telling ourselves how stupid or horrible we were to have ever let it get to the point where we were too broke to escape (this is what most people do and it’s a reason they can never change anything)…

… we just had to tell ourselves, “Okay, well those have been some interesting choices! What can we choose now that’s totally different?

#2 We Made a Demand for Change

When you want to change something, you don’t have to know how to change it – but you have to choose it first.

As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to know what it’s going to take to change it (physically), you just have to be aware of how much ENERGY it’s going to take. Let me explain.

If you’ve been making a lot of choices that aren’t in alignment with where you want to be, and you’ve been doing it for a long time, it will take much more energy to turn the ship around.

If you want to do it FASTER, it will also require more energy. You have to STRETCH yourself in every way.

The energy of a demand is, “That’s ENOUGH. I’m changing this. I’ll do whatever it takes. That’s it. Period!

And you must demand on EVERY LEVEL of your being, employ EVERY cell in every part of your body, and pull from alllll the resources you have access.

When we discovered our landlord had been snooping through our stuff while we were away, that was our breaking point.

That’s when we said, “That’s ENOUGH. We’re changing this. We’ll do whatever it takes. That’s it. Period!

What you have to realize is that anything you’ve created as your reality now, is something you have the power to undo and change in any instant.

The second you make the demand, the Universe around you begins to conspire and shift into alignment with your new vision.

When you make your demand you are now energetically a completely different being than you were just moments ago. That’s why change itself happens instantly… it just takes a minute for this reality to catch up to you.

#3 We Created a Plan

Even before we’d reached our breaking point we had spent some time looking for homes in Boulder, Colorado. As a matter of fact, we looked at homes that were WAY out of our price range in order to expand our reality of what’s possible, and get a sense of what we would have to create financially to move. The video below explains why this process is so important.

We used a similar process to manifest our dream car. And we actually started creating our plan before we’d found the house we were going to live in next.

We Started with Our Objective in Mind

We wanted to:

  • Move out as FAST as possible – so we set our sights on 30 days.
  • Hire moving people to help us
  • Receive enough money for first and last month’s rent on the new place
  • Have an extra 2 months worth of rent as a comfort buffer
  • Continue earning the income required to pay our standard expenses
  • +10% of everything above to put into the financial freedom account

This is where most people stumble, and why they can’t get out of their current living situation.

They think, “Oh, I just need to make $5,000 this month so I can pay first and last month’s rent and move out.”

So what do they get? They get the $5,000 but then they don’t have the money to pay for all the OTHER stuff that’s required to move like I listed above.

Now as far as coming up with the actual money goes, I’ll leave that up to your imagination as there are many, many ways. We personally chose to use this simple online system to generate the money because we love the time freedom it has afforded us (NB: our results are not typical – see average results here). 

The point is, you have to get crystal clear on what it’s going to take financially to get out of your situation or you’ll stay stuck forever.

#4 We Chose the Future Every Day

In the Lord of the Rings there is ‘One Ring that Rules them All‘ which is unfortunately the way a lot of people function when it comes to choice.


They think, “Gosh, if I can just choose it ONCE, my life will be completely different.

Now if you know anything about addiction, you don’t just choose to be sober once. It’s a choice that has to be made every single day, and in every single moment. Over and over and over again.

It can be a choice not to hang out with certain people, or put yourself in certain triggering situations.

I know this because my good ole’ six-year college pastime was indulging in smoking pot at least 4-5 times a day.

When we made the demand to move out, and created our plan to go… we got to work immediately with this system to make our dreams come true.

When we made the demand and said, “We’ll do whatever it takes!” you would NOT find us doing things that didn’t contribute 100% to achieving our goal.

energy healingWe weren’t wasting time on Facebook. We weren’t going to the movies. We weren’t spending money on things that didn’t directly influence our ability to move forward now.

We even did really wacky energy stuff to contribute to our business on a daily basis.

We kept choosing, and choosing, and choosing even when it seemed like there wasn’t anything happening.

Which, by the way, when it feels like the energy isn’t there or it’s disappeared – that’s exactly when you need to push the pedal down into the floor.

This is where most people quit. If you can avoid, handle, and deal with all the distractions that will inevitably come up during this time without losing focus… you’ll get exactly what it is that you want.

#5 We Celebrated and Shared Every Victory

Every time we created movement towards our goal, we celebrated it.

It didn’t matter if it was one more packed box, or that we’d finally found the new place, or made extra money in our online business

We celebrated those small victories with the same enthusiasm as the day we moved into our brand new home on May 2nd, 2013.

What we were doing was effectively matching up our current vibration to the vibration of the future.

Powerful stuff.

But here’s what I think is even more powerful:

We’ve shared this story with a LOT of people. And when we moved out of that crummy little house in Denver, many of our closest friends were inspired to begin their journey with this simple online system.

One of our closest friends, Sandy Leveque, is moving to Portugal next month and will be living a stones throw from the beach in a beautiful seaside home (a BIG improvement from the little studio she has in Nice, France.)

Our buddy Paul Hutchings paid off his entire home mortgage in less than 6 months and this is what he had to say about it:

(Not everybody is having the same results – see average earnings here)

Success stories like this have in turn allowed us to transition into the home we’re currently in now. 

Here’s a quick tour of our current Boulder home from move in day, September 1st 2013.

We’ve repeated these steps over and over and over again to create absolutely massive changes in our lifestyle. We flew first class for the first time recently – which is literally something we’d only had the capacity to dream about one year ago.

It’s our mission to share this information with others. People just like you who are looking for a better way of life.

Because I remember the first time that I watched Paul Hutchings‘ video above… I thought to myself, “That’s freaking awesome. I’m having what he’s having!

There’s just something special about seeing others succeed that inspires you to do the same.

Now It’s Your Turn!

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  2. Apply this information immediately to your life
  3. Give yourself the gift of taking a peek at this life changing opportunity and see if it’s for you

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what would a rich person choose

This home is by no means the last stop for us… it is in fact just one of many. We may not live in a fancy mansion, on a gagillion acres of land… but it’s home for us.

And it’s quite a different reality than the one we were in only a year ago.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

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Avram Gonzales

Avram Gonzales

Boss Man at InspirAction Inc.
I like pizza. I like burritos. Everything else is just details.

Social media marketing pro gone conscious revolutionary blogger.

Avram Gonzales
About The Author

Avram Gonzales

I like pizza. I like burritos. Everything else is just details. Social media marketing pro gone conscious revolutionary blogger.


Great information Avram...

You guys really inspire me, all the masters inspire me, but for some reason i just can't get out of this hole I'm in...

I'm going to open up my heart a bit here... hope you don't mind

I keep doing things to bring myself up, to recover my marriage, to be close to my kids, and it is just like for everything I do the result is the complete oposite of what I expect it to be.

I've lost a LOT of money investing on things that didn't bring the revenue I expected, I did the work, committed to following every step of the process and today I find myself...

Broke and broken

With out the most important piece of mi life (my 2 kids)

Going through a divorce

and on top of all that stuck and depressed feeling without hope...

I just don't get it... i keep attracting the things I don't want...

With all your experience on attracting positive things to your life, what would you

recomend I do with this feeling of mine!

I feel like just killing myself at some point, but then I think about my kids and come back to reality for a while...

Love you, thanks for all you share and do!



Awesome post Avram, will be coming back to this one to study your layout.  Great call on social media do's and don'ts the other night not a big facebook person but after i listened to your call i am reconsidering!


I love your story and Paul! Thank you for sharing it and inspiration!!
Time to plan and take actions! :)

Sandy Lêveque
Sandy Lêveque

Awesome!! What an amazing example of how things can turn around - if we MAKE THEM turn around! So many people put up with living in conditions they don't REALLY enjoy, this is so inspiring and just shows we deserve to and CAN choose much more!

Karen Ellis
Karen Ellis

What a rocking story! When we met in Austin, January 2013, it seemed like you were already hugely successful. Honest, you guys were already there. You already exuded SUCCESS in January 2013 Austin. KUDOS What this says, to me, is 2 things, you never know someones back story, and we all have success written all over us before...!

Ricky Figueroa
Ricky Figueroa

Lovely! You guys deserve that and more :) Thank you for the inspiration.

Thank you Karen! and yes exactly - we can totally choose to BE something before it's actually here! That's what will help it come here faster ;)

Sandy Lêveque
Sandy Lêveque

I love your comment Karen about exuding success. It's true - they did! And it's such a great example of how we bring things into our reality by being them before they've actually arrived!


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