How to Create Money Out of Thin Air (Step by Step)

create money

When you need money for something important but your bank account is at ZERO or worse still, in the red and overdrawn….. what do you do? 

Especially when you know you have no credit cards you can use, no chance of getting a bank loan and no rich relatives to smile sweetly at…

It can feel pretty frustrating and lonely to be honest.

And a little like being in a dark room that has no windows or doors you can open.

That’s how I used to feel ALL THE TIME. 

I was teaching Zumba® classes 6 days a week and despite having packed classes, my take home money was JUST enough to cover my bills. Sometimes it didn’t even do that 🙁 

This was the 74 square foot studio I lived in – after I had just moved in all my stuff. You literally could not swing an arm in there let alone a cat:

Small Nice Flat

When you’re living like that it’s like being in a desert with no water.

No matter what you do you’re ALWAYS thinking about how to get water.

Or you’re thinking about all the people you need to give water to even when you DO get water.

Raising money for anything extra is like asking that person in the desert to hike a mountain too.


But….as one of my favourite men of all time says: 


This blog will help you see the biggest obstacle to creating money out of thin air is usually your own MIND.

And the good news is that you can absolutely do something about it. OR help others do something about it if you know they are struggling with this.

The information I’m about to share with you is the exact same information that helped me create $5100 in less than 7 days. 

So be sure to read closely if you’re truly serious about creating money out of thin air. 

How to Create Money Out of Thin Air

The first thing to realize is that a ‘rich person’ and a ‘poor person’ approach the issue of creating money from two completely different angles.

Can you guess which ones?

  • A poor person (usually) assumes from the get-go that they won’t be able to raise the money. 

Their mind automatically goes to all the reasons “why they can’t come up with the money”.

This often happens so quickly they’re not even aware it’s going on.

They just ‘feel’ they can’t make that money happen.

  • Let’s contrast that with how a rich person thinks. 

Their mind moves in the opposite direction.

They’re aware of not having the money in that moment…

BUT they don’t see that as a permanent situation.

They KNOW they can create more.

So their mind begins listing all the ways they COULD raise the money.

(For more insight on the difference between how ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ people think about money read our ‘out of the box’ blog here).

Virgin’s $2.5 Billion Seatback TVs 

create money

Image credit:

Let me give you an example of this. 

A few years ago Virgin Atlantic, the airline founded by Richard Branson, wanted to put seatback televisions in it’s planes. Initial estimates put the costs at $10 million. 

Try as he may Richard couldn’t raise the $10 million. Every bank refused and he found himself sitting down one day, desperately trying to think of where to get the money from.

All of a sudden he had a brainwave.

Virgin didn’t just want to install seatback TVs for the sake of having TVs. They wanted to expand the whole airline.

Why not take that one step further and dream a little bigger?

He called up Boeing (a major airplane manufacturer) and asked if they’d like to build 12 new planes for Virgin.

Boeing said yes and Richard told them there was one condition: all planes had to be fitted with seatback televisions.

They agreed and instead of failing to raise $10 million he found himself SUCCESSFULLY raising $2.5 billion.

(….isn’t that mind-blowing when you think about it?) 

They had brand new planes, innovative seatback televivions and beat their competitors to it by several years.

A Broke Zumba Instructor’s Story

In February 2013 I decided to REALLY build an online business (using this system). 

I’d been thinking about it for a while but I was still approaching it from a hobbyist perspective.

I didn’t see it as something I could actually do. And as a former activist and campaigner I didn’t know if it was what I wanted to do.

But as I realised I could use the internet to change my life and by extension…change the world…. my mind was made up.

I decided to do it.

There was just one problem.

I didn’t have any money to put towards it. Quite literally.

So on the one hand I was building big expectations and dreams of what the internet could do for me,

……and on the other hand I was expecting that to happen with little investment on my part. 

Once I decided to invest in my online marketing education I broke out into a cold sweat a little like this:



Because there was a HUGE mistmatch between my bank account balance and the investment I wanted to make.

How on earth am I going to pay for this?” I thought.

HINT: Can you see which direction my mind went in? Poor or rich? 


And guess what?……

Try as I may for the next two months I failed to raise the money.

Even though I listed many different ways in which I could do it…deep down I didn’t believe I could and I certainly didn’t have any brainwaves à la Richard Branson.

I’m not sure what I was expecting to happen….perhaps that the money would just fall out of the sky one day as I went to buy baguettes in the local boulangerie? (I was living in France at the time).

Or that a mysterious gift would appear in my bank account? (that has actually happened before but you can’t exactly RELY on that happening right?).

And then something changed.

I attended a live Empower Network event in Chicago, Illinois.

Thia Chicago

Until that point I had never been so physically close to HUNDREDS of people creating wealth in their lives.

I chatted to various 6 and 7 figure leaders and saw that they actually had a nose, eyes, ears like me and didn’t secretly slip into more comfortable capes in phone boxes 


Something strange began happening.

The amount of money I’d been attempting to raise ($5100) suddenly became alot smaller in my mind.

As though it went from being this: 


Mount Everest


…….to this:


Yes this is a Garden Pea


As I flew back home to France I was too inspired to sleep.

I listened to two powerful Empower Network audios (“Speak the World Into Existence” by David Wood and “How to Create Resources” by David Wood and Dave Sharpe) and realised in a split second that I COULD CREATE THIS MONEY.

A Step by Step Process 

  • I wrote my desire to create this money on a card which I proceeded to carry around with me all the time.
  • I wrote out a paragraph describing how I’d feel after creating the money I needed.
  • In extensive detail!
  • And I wrote it in the present tense.
  • I then listed 50 ways I could create that money and as I began doing that noticed my enthusiasm dwindle immediately.

Why? Well writing out 50 “somethings” of anything isn’t exactly an exciting prospect.

BUT here’s what I realised as I sat in the plane, staring at my computer screen and wondering how to make this happen.

I realised that it’s EASY to just stop and not write a full list.

It’s EASY to give up and decide it’s too hard to do something out of my existing comfort zone.

It’s EASY to keep doing what I’ve always done, hoping it will create something different (the definition of insanity according to Einstein!)

And I had a fire within me that rekindled my enthusiasm.

Ideas began POURING into my mind.

And by the time I got to the 21st idea I KNEW what I had to do.

One of the ideas had ‘popped’ more than the others.

I’ll tell you in a second what that idea was.

As I wrote it down I KNEW I had to actually do it.

So when I got to France I did.

Even though that morning I felt like just crawling up in bed and not seeing a single soul (I’d just broken up with a guy I was seeing).

I remember dragging myself to the local park and doing the idea that had streamed into my mind during that plane trip.

One hour after completing it I checked my emails anxiously to see if I had any responses.

And what happened next BLEW MY MIND.

Within 60 minutes I had the entire amount I needed – if not more.

It happened so quickly I almost thought I was hallucinating!

7 days later I’d created the money I needed and had made the investment into my business. I was ‘All In’ with it – both energetically AND skills wise – because I’d made the investment into learning the skills required for an online business. 


The note I’d carried around with me for weeks was now ….achieved! 


So whatever it is you’d like to raise money for, here’s how to do it:

1) Write out a paragraph describing how you’ll feel when you’ve got the money sitting in your bank account.

2) Listen to personal development audios (if you’re in our Empower family listen to “Speak the World into Existence” and “How to Multiply Your Commissions and Create Resources” from the Inner Circle Rewind) that will help you build the belief you CAN create this money.  If you’re not in Empower click here to join

3) List 50 ways you COULD create that money (bearing in mind the idea is to list so many ideas you finally get to the ‘ONE’ which will pop. It does NOT mean you have to carry out all 50 ideas).

4) Pay CLOSE attention to your thoughts and awareness during this process. If you do this diligently an idea will shine/pop more than the others.

That’s the idea to follow. 

5) Take action on it as soon as possible and begin to expect that it’ll work (by following step 2).

6) Don’t give up until you’ve created it.

(it may be quicker than you think).

The X Factor 

You may have noticed that I actually did this step-by-step process twice.

Once in February 2013 and then again after going to that Chicago event (May 2013). 

Here’s proof if you don’t believe me 😉

Anyway I wanted to point something out.

The first time I did this process I did NOT have the self-belief I could actually create that money.

But the second time I did.

What made the difference?

It was continuous exposure to personal development AND a movement of people applying it and seeing results. 




Because when I decided to build an online business I didn’t do it alone.

Yes the business is mine….But I’m building it as part of a team – Team Have it ALL! – and within the wider Empower Network community.

I actually feel that it’s more of a movement than a community.

If you’ve never experienced being surrounded by people actively building their dreams you will be stunned by the impact it has.

To me it’s like deciding to do your work with the lights on around you, rather than working in a dark room.

I KNOW it’s what helped me create $5100 in less than 7 days.

And has enabled me to overcome a speech impediment and begin travelling to my heart’s content with my dog and laptop (in fact at the time of writing I’m about to move to Lisbon, Portugal this weekend!).

Richard Branson says

If you aim higher than you expect, you could reach higher than you dreamed of

I hope my story inspires you to aim higher with your money situation than you were 10 minutes ago 😉

Over to You

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what would a rich person choose


And let us know in the comments below what’s ONE thing you’d like to create money for, right NOW? 



Sandy Leveque

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Quit my weekly grind to begin travelling and inspiring others to know they can live free AND make a difference!
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Quit my weekly grind to begin travelling and inspiring others to know they can live free AND make a difference!


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AvramGonzales moderator

What's crazy is how well this process works for EVERYTHING!

Earlier this year Nikki and I were invited to an event that was going to cost us $17,500 for the both of us just to ATTEND - and that didn't include our travel arrangements!

We did the exact exercise you laid out in the paragraphs above and we literally created all the extra funds we needed in the span of about 2.5 weeks. Crazy right?

Wouldn't have been possible without this simple exercise!

Sandy Leveque
Sandy Leveque

@AvramGonzales ha that's brilliant Avram.

So many people would totally zone out at the sight of a $17,500 event. 

The fact you didn't and were able to create the money just goes to show IT'S POSSIBLE! 


Sandy, that was a superb read!!!  Wow, so much 'food' for thought!  The 'belief' part 

is THE most important----most people don't get that!  

I'm going to be writing my list of 50 things along with the detailed paragraph of how I'll 

feel when I have the money, right now!!  

J. xo

Sandy Leveque
Sandy Leveque

@JanePainter Thank you Jane, glad it was helpful and yes exactly.....people think we have to 'see it to believe it' but it's actually the complete other way round. 

Glad you're doing the exercise! Let me know how it goes! :)


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