How Energy Can Change Anything – Yes, Even a Dead Car Battery (or, Even the Unbelievable)

healing hands

On a bright, sunny day, I headed over to my friend’s office for a delicious body treatment.  My “enjoyable other,” Avram waited for me in the car, plugging away on his social media playtime with his iPhone.

I came back out to the car, after an hour or so, blissful and expanded from my session. We buckled up, gleefully excited to get home and start week one of facilitating our new teleclass series. When Avram turned the ignition, there was no sound, and the car would not start. Uh-oh! Turned out that Avram left the keys in the ignition, with the radio and headlights turned on the entire time I was having my treatment. Yup, the battery was dead.

bonnet_open_shutterstock_38057182At first he threw his fist up, exclaiming, “Dammit!! Dammit!! I can’t believe I did that!!!”

He started hitting the steering wheel, so pissed at himself for doing something so “stupid, ugghhhh!!” 

I watched for a moment, wondering if we were going to make our class, and if we could work together to get out of the situation that would just get messier if we judged ourselves and didn’t keep our cool.

Now, I know plenty of couples who would be fighting, arguing, or playing the reaction-resistance-blame-game by this point. I’ve been in those places with people, and not only is it not fun, but you end up running around in circles and not really getting anywhere!

Releasing Attachment

I placed my hand on Avram’s arm gently and said, “Hold on, Avram, don’t be mad, it’s okay, and freaking out isn’t going to get us out of this. We both know that, right? So, what questions can we ask?”

What I love about Avram, is how fast he is willing to shift out of things, how rapidly he is willing to shift into a new energy. I wasn’t coddling him, or trying to invalidate his charge around the situation, just asking him energetically if he was willing to play a different game with me- and with the Universe. One thing I love about us, is how we inspire each other.

In a few seconds, we got out of the drama, and got playful again.

Avram wondered, “Is there anyone around here who can give us a jump?”

We looked around, in the small, industrial, and rather isolated parking lot we were sitting in.

Our instincts told us it was a “maybe” and it may take time to find the right person with the cables, and willing. Time that we did not have, with our Relationship Teleclass starting in an hour and fifteen minutes. We were already on the other side of town, and on top of that, during rush hour traffic. We needed to be home, with our laptops at hand to log into the conferencing system. We needed an easier, and faster – much faster way. 

So, we started asking the very simple, yet powerful question, “What else is possible here?”

We allowed ourselves to be quiet and present with the energy, with our awareness, and to take a few breaths, and admittedly a few sighs. I looked at Avram rather playfully, and I said, “Hey – do you think we could do it with energy?!?”

And suddenly our faces lit up with some very childlike, and somewhat mischievous grins.

We almost felt like little kids who just started to play, “I double dare youu!!”

We started asking questions like, “What contribution can we be to start this car? What contribution can we be to this battery for the car to start again?”

So what did we do? We put out hands up, gathered the energy, and whooshed our hands out towards the battery after a “One, two, threeeee!”

This is What We Were Actually DOING

After three energetic contributions, Avram turned the keys and we could hear the engine pathetically trying to turn over. But it wasn’t enough to start the car.

So, we did three more, and Avram gave it another go. The engine turned over just a smidge more than the last time, but it was STILL not enough power to start the car. 

energyNevertheless, we were both excited about the possibility, and that the energy was making a difference. The more contributions we gave it, the more we could perceive the actual molecular structure of the car, the battery, and the battery juice.

While we weren’t getting the result we had hoped for in that moment, we started to feel a deeper sense of oneness with it all, and the kind of playful dance of energies we were playing with.

I started to perceive the layers and levels of presence we can choose to be in any situation.

It never ends, there is always more information, and more awareness one can receive.

I started to pull the energy of the battery a bit more, on the molecular and sub-molecular levels. As I was able to tune in a bit more deeply, I perceived another question that could be asked, another energy that could create a greater opening.

I said to Avram, “Is there something else? Is there another question we could ask? What question can we ask that would totally juice up the car and get it started..what else is really required here??

Avram started the question “What energy space and consciousness, of…hmmmmmm….What energy, space, and consciousness of…?”

Follow What You Know

I had a “Eureka I found it” moment, and filled in the blank of his question,  as “Infinite Battery life” “That was it! I started asking

“What Energy, space, and Consciousness of Infinite Battery Life can we BE?”

And suddenly the energy really revved up, in our beings and our bodies at the same time. We could not help but get giddy and bubbly, laughing with abandon. It was rather surprising too, to see how yummy and orgasmic the energy felt. Who know that the energy of “infinite battery life” could be so juicy?

Through our fits of laughter, I managed to blurt out, “Look, I get that it’s going to take more than three times. If it takes a dozen times, let’s do it a dozen times.”

So, with “Infinite Battery Life” energy flowing through our bodies, we bursted out just over twelve “1-2-3 Energetic Contributions.” We could barely contain our laughter at the thought of someone seeing us, a couple of wierdos huffing about, taking deep breaths, and bursting our arms in the same direction.

We laughed as we talked about someone seeing us doing this – that we’d probably look like we’re doing a cheerleading routine, or casting a crazy spell! Either way, from this reality’s perspective, we’d be two crazy cats doing weird stuff in their car!  We giggled and sent energy until a certain point where we felt the energy settle – it was as though the battery said, “Awesome, thank you. That’s enough.”

energy glowLooking back, I can also recall that at that point we weren’t wondering “if” it was going to work – we weren’t “hoping” for the best – we had a knowing some magic was going to show up.

Avram turned the keys one last time before we’d probably call for a tow, and believe-it-or-not, the car fully started!! Talk about some amazing teamwork, huh?!

Now, the time that all of this took, was probably the same amount it has taken you to read this story. We are talking about a few minutes here, maybe ten minutes.

We drove home with our minds blown and totally grateful for the entire experience. We both thought, “Wow, if I can start a dead battery with energy, What ELSE is possible? What magic can we create with the planet, with our bodies? If this contribution really worked, I wonder how many other contributions have worked that we haven’t really acknowledged?”

 When we first shared this story with our friends we got a lot of similar responses: “WOW, NO WAY, that it reaally freakin’ cooool!!” followed by laughter, excitement, and exuberance!  What we saw in sharing it, is people receiving more of the magic and potency that they be as well! When one person does what seemed impossible, another person on the planet will do it. It’s that hundredth monkey effect thing, right?

Acknowledge What’s Actually Possible

Personally, I choose to move forward by my knowing, I’m willing to go to places flying by the seat of my pants into the unknown, without much validation. I gotta admit though, having some confirmation from the elements and flow of the Universe feels pretty darn amazing! It’s like a handwritten note of encouragement from every magical molecule in the entire Universe – including the Infinite Me. And that, my cosmic friend, receiving all that, which truly is, truly is possible and available, is nothing short of phenomenal. To me, it’s the incredible miracle of living. 

Now, I know that since you read this far, you’re one of our freaky friends.

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I promise a few laughs, some pretty weird revelations around EMFs (they’re not what you think they are) and breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough.

Now I Want to Hear From You!

I wrote this story, cause it was fun, and for you. You are welcome to take from it what you may, what you would like. You can receive the energy and the potency and duplicate it for yourself – I wonder, what will you create? What’s possible when you choose to be present with what is, without any judgment, and play with some new questions?

Can you use the energy of “infinite battery life” in a way that would work for you?

Are you willing to play with this, and with all the molecules in your life?

Quick, Avram and I double dare youu!!! 😉

Have You Done Anything Fun or Freaky With JUST ENERGY? Comment Below!

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Nikki Magdalena

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Nikki Magdalena

I work with people who are ready to change the world!

Pamela Paxman
Pamela Paxman

I came back from New Orleans determined to bring my children in my new EN business as partners. (Rather than seeing them as a distraction) They are brilliant manifesters with much cleaner minds. We're about to do Energy Contributions 1-2-3-etc to jumpstart what we desire in our lives. Thank you so much!!!!


Wow. Just 2 days ago I did a 1-2-3! In my living room. As soon as I said "1" and gathered the energy….the baby swing turned on by itself. So definite Wizardry. What would it take to allow that energy in to change things up and have fun even more? Not just when we need it?


Ha! That's great! Now if I could only do that with the sprinklers and such... teehee! Great questions!

Tom Lincoln
Tom Lincoln

I had a Chi Master just touch me with his knuckle, in a martial arts class, and it knocked me back 6 feet. It was a demonstration of Chi and non-violent...but I still had a bruise on my chest the next day. He did not hit me. He crouched down in a lunging position, gathered his energy, and just placed his knuckle on my chest and then sent his chi. It felt like a log had been swung into me and it took me off my feet . I have also been outside in the freezing cold Chicago wind, in the dead of Winter, with no coat on, and I walked home thinking of being on a beach in Florida, and feeling perfectly warm. It took concentration, but it worked, because I had read about it working with others.. I got inside and looked at my skin and it was a bright red in color and almost frost bitten(I do not recommend people try this), but I had not felt the pain of the cold on my way home. I was in the cold for about 30 minutes. without a coat. But, I also had to take a nice, warm bath to thaw out, as physically, I was cold, but my mind never felt it until I let it, once inside. There are also the healing energy beams that I believe you can send people. It has been done in groups and documented that it cured people of disease. I learned of it in my meditation study early on in 2005. My Mother also always knew when I was in trouble, and would call. She could play the piano without reading music. She had some kind of psychic power I never understood. She could hear a song and just play it. The Universe knows, and we only have 10% of our brain capacity understood. So much still to learn.


This is awesome Tom, I love the example of your freezing cold adventure in Chicago! What we can achieve with the mind and our bodies is truly amazing!

Tabby Fessenden
Tabby Fessenden

Hey Nikki and Avram, thanks for the story! I have several I could share honestly probably enough to fill a small book :) Your passion is going to change the world. Short story: After the Miami Freedom Event in January, My sister and I had some Theta healing done on us. Our vibrational frequency was off the charts and we manifested our desires almost instantly! In our car is a dream catcher with 3 fluffy feathers. By focusing on our energy we were able to move the feathers with pure focus and intention. It was AMAZING to see and feel. It was so real you could move the energy ball around in your hands and jump it from one hand to another. Lets help awaken humanity to their TRUE Inner Potential!


Sweeeeet! It's those seemingly 'little things' that help us realize how truly powerful we are! Lets do this!