7 Steps to Create More Luck Using Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics

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Do you have a friend that seems to win… EVERYTHING? For a long time I used to think there was something ‘special’ that they had that I didn’t. That is until I discovered the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics back in 2009. My understanding and application of the Law of Attraction has evolved since…

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How to Create Money Out of Thin Air (Step by Step)

create money

When you need money for something important but your bank account is at ZERO or worse still, in the red and overdrawn….. what do you do?  Especially when you know you have no credit cards you can use, no chance of getting a bank loan and no rich relatives to smile sweetly at… It can…

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How to Stop Smoking and Kick ANY Bad Habit INSTANTLY with 3 Simple Steps

how to stop smoking

If you knew how to stop smoking overnight would you do it?  I smoked for ten years and tried several times to kick the habit, with no success. Until one day….I didn’t just kick it, I ELIMINATED it out of my life entirely and changed a huge part of my world in a single evening. That was…

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5 Ways Blogging Literally Saved My Life

5 ways blogging saved my life

Nobody tells you that graduating from college will be one of the most anti-climactic moments of your entire life.  I’d been so focused for the last 16 years of my life pushing for the degree, to get the illustrious job, to get the girl, start a family, and live happily ever after. Except when I…

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HOMELESS: How Going WAY Out of Your Comfort Zone Can Change EVERYTHING

comfort zone, transformation

I recently wrote ‘Please Help’ on a cardboard sheet, dressed like a homeless person and sat on a French street, begging for money.   I didn’t do this for fun….kicks or because I had nothing better to do that day. I did it because I was deliberately seeking ways to go out of my comfort zone. And…

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