How Energy Can Change Anything – Yes, Even a Dead Car Battery (or, Even the Unbelievable)

healing hands

On a bright, sunny day, I headed over to my friend’s office for a delicious body treatment.  My “enjoyable other,” Avram waited for me in the car, plugging away on his social media playtime with his iPhone. I came back out to the car, after an hour or so, blissful and expanded from my session. We…

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4 Keys to Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Super Powers

4 keys to unlock your entrepreneurial super powers

Do you know what makes you great at business? Are you sure? Maybe you don’t consider yourself to be great, yet, because you haven’t seen the results. You don’t have to be perceived as an authority to discover your entrepreneurial super powers. Because they’ve been there with you since the day you were born. Want…

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The Fastest Way to Gain Authority in Your Niche and Make Sales

gain authority

When you’re the “new kid on the block” and nobody knows who you are… it can be EXTREMELY difficult to make sales. Why? Because people like to buy from someone they see as an authority or as an expert because they are credible. They get the money, the new clients, and they get the sales…

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