How to Stop Smoking and Kick ANY Bad Habit INSTANTLY with 3 Simple Steps

how to stop smoking

If you knew how to stop smoking overnight would you do it?  I smoked for ten years and tried several times to kick the habit, with no success. Until one day….I didn’t just kick it, I ELIMINATED it out of my life entirely and changed a huge part of my world in a single evening. That was…

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How We Escaped a Living Nightmare and Stepped Into Our Dream Home in Less Than a Year


Exactly one year ago, my partner Nikki and I were living in a two bedroom mold-infested 850 square foot hell-hole in Denver, Colorado. Many of the windows were broken and some were even boarded up. Whenever we wanted to do laundry we had to manually fill the machine with a hose. And to top things off we…

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How Energy Can Change Anything – Yes, Even a Dead Car Battery (or, Even the Unbelievable)

healing hands

On a bright, sunny day, I headed over to my friend’s office for a delicious body treatment.  My “enjoyable other,” Avram waited for me in the car, plugging away on his social media playtime with his iPhone. I came back out to the car, after an hour or so, blissful and expanded from my session. We…

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