7 Steps to Create More Luck Using Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics

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Do you have a friend that seems to win… EVERYTHING?

For a long time I used to think there was something ‘special’ that they had that I didn’t.

That is until I discovered the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics back in 2009.

My understanding and application of the Law of Attraction has evolved since that time allowing me to create my own “Midas Touch” and experience one of the luckiest weeks of my entire life just last week.

Here’s some of the cool stuff that happened:

avram gonzales and nikki magdalena winning macbook air– We got upgraded from a standard 4-door sedan car rental to a full blown SUV… for free

– When we arrived at the hotel we were upgraded from a regular room to a 900+ square ft. balcony suite… no extra charge

– We received a platter champagne and cheese when they found out we just got engaged (score!)

And the most impressive of all… we won a brand new Macbook Air in a raffle with over 1,000 people!

The 7 Steps to Create More Luck Using Law of Attraction

After experiencing this ‘big win’ Nikki and I realized there were 7 Steps we consciously chose throughout the week that led to these epic experiences. The video below describes in vivid detail what those steps are, and how you can apply them to your life to create more luck using Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics.

A ton of people watched this video and started getting cool results just Tracey Rose:

tracey rose law of attraction testimonial

I wonder what will happen for you? 

If you’re curious about the company that we won the MacBook Air from, click here. When you do, you’ll also learn about how we earn a full time income from home using these 7 Steps in conjunction with our business.

Law of Attraction – 7 Steps to Create More Luck (Breakdown)

1. Create Your Own Luck

Sounds obvious, but you must fully embrace that it is your point of view that creates your reality, not the other way around. You are the creator… of the good, the bad, and the ugly. All of it. Own it.

2. Ask for More Luck

If you never ask for more luck, you’ll never get it. Ask, “What would it be like for me to be the luckiest guy/gal on the planet?” And then let the Universe show you 🙂

3. Ask Ahead

This is critical for your success using the Law of Attraction! You have to give the Universe time to put the pieces together. Instead of waiting until the last minute to ask for what you want, start asking wayyyy in advance!

4. Be Present and Pay Attention to the Details

Have you ever driven somewhere and totally missed your turnoff? You have to be completely present or you’ll miss your queues from the Universe. Because most people were not present when they registered for the event that we were at, they completely missed the pamphlet with the information regarding the MacBook Air raffle.

5. Take Action

You have to act on the subtle nudges and pathways that show themselves to you. When we won the laptop, we had to complete very specific steps in order to be eligible for the contest.

Make sure to watch the video because we revealed some pretty freaky stuff about what you can do with Quantum Physics to manipulate the reality around you.

6. Expect to Win and Be Willing to Lose

If you’re too attached to winning or achieving the desired result you become the clingy friend that you just want to go away. If you’re willing to lose, you lose the attachment. When you lose the attachment, you create space for more magic.

7. Show up to Receive

If you follow all the other steps and forget this one, you’re out of luck. When we won the MacBook Air, there were two raffle tickets pulled before ours and those people weren’t in the room which allowed us to win. The Universe is always presenting new blessings for you to receive.

When this 3-Step Freedom Formula showed up, we took it as a sign that it was time to step into our true potential.

Bonus: Ask for Even More

When you’re feeling the ‘high’ of a big win, that’s the BEST time to manifest more using gratitude and the Law of Attraction. Get grateful in those moments, and then ask for MORE greatness to pour into your life!

7 Steps to Create More Luck with the Law of Attraction [Slideshow]

Here’s the slideshow version of the 7 Steps to Create More Luck with the Law of Attraction.

7 Steps to Create More Luck with the Law of Attraction [Infographic]

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We hope that you’ve enjoyed this blog post as much as we liked sharing it with you!

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We can’t wait to share even more secrets with you!

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